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Changing Lives One Mind at a Time!

About Me


My name is Raye Carr and I’m happy to be serving the Savannah and surrounding area as a Certified Clinical and Trans-Personal Hypnotherapist. I believe that we have everything within us to heal the mind and the body and hypnosis is a tool I use to hep you realize this awesome power. My personal mission is to inspire the world through meaningful and passionate service; with Divine guidance share myself, my experiences and my wisdom in a way that promotes love, peace, health and prosperity.

My personal journey with hypnotherapy began with a desire to quit smoking. I realized that my addiction to nicotine and cigarettes had hindered many areas of my life and that it was definitely a hard one to beat. I attended a seminar to quit smoking and was amazed at how  simply changing the mind can have such a profound impact on my behavior. After two weeks of being smoke free, I began researching what I could share this gift with others. Within a month of quitting smoking I enrolled at The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. I've been able to accomplish so many of my goals using hypnotherapy, including the daily goal of assisting my clients to achieve their true and highest potential.

Meet Raye Carr

In addition to training the mind to achieve wellness,  I have also a passion for training the body. 

I am a Certified Personal trainer and Weight Loss Coach and help clients by sharing how I was able to beat my Lupus symptoms and lose weight.  Becoming healthy has been one of my biggest accomplishments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a reward in itself. This has motivated me to develop programs to share with others, I believe that any level of fitness can benefit from training the mind.


To my hypnotherapy practice, I bring a great deal of life experience gathered throughout my personal and professional life. My dedication to helping others started early when at 16 years old I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. I be always pursued careers of meaningful service. My endeavors include 8 years in the United States Army and the fifteen  years as a Certified Medical Assistant.


I’ve had the misfortune of an addiction to cigarettes and beat that addiction, so I’m well aware of what it takes. There's no surprise that helping others to quit is my other passion and. After quitting smoking so many ares of my life improve and affecting permanent and positive changes in others is a skill I refine regularly. At Raye Carr Hypnotherapy, I place an emphasis on relaxation to remove anxious feelings and remove limitations that aid in overcoming any addiction. 

Every Friday night @ 8 pm, you can listen to me the radio station 107.5 FM (in Savannah) or My community radio talk show  called "Let's See Who My Friend's Are" .  I love getting to know new people and they say that revelation breathes intimacy. This show is a chance to introduce and learn about someone new. 

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