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Greetings from Raye Carr

My name is Raye Carr and it is an honor and privilege help those Divinely lead to me, overcome any obstacles standing in the way of their success.  My unique approach to hypnotherapy is designed to help you tap into their own inner strength and unlimited potential. By helping you access the power of their own subconscious mind I can guide you on your path towards healing and wholeness. It is my belief that we all have everything within us achieve our unique visions of success and hypnosis is the perfect tool for unlocking the awesome power of the mind. My personal and professional mission in life  is to inspire the world through meaningful and passionate service; and with Divine guidance, I share myself, my gifts, my wisdom and experiences and my wisdom to promote the achievement of health, wealth, love, peace, and prosperity in abundance!

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My Journery!

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach, I understand how challenging it can be to break away from old habits, especially those that are detrimental to our well-being. My own journey started with a desire to quit smoking, when I saw how it had negatively impacted multiple areas of my life. That's when I turned to hypnotherapy as a possible solution, and the results were life-changing. Today, I offer my services to clients who are looking to make a positive change in their lives, and I am committed to helping them achieve their goals.


I have a deep understanding of the journey towards becoming a healthier, happier individual. Having overcome my own struggles with Lupus symptoms and weight loss, I became passionate about helping others achieve their own unique goals. I believe in harnessing the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve positive change in your life. and have continued my education past Hypnotherapy to become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, a personal trainer, and weight loss coach. I also use the knowledge gained as I acquire my Pastoral Degree from the International Metaphysical Ministry.

Finding my true calling has been a transformative experience. Through my own journey of self-improvement, I realized that I wanted to help others navigate their own path to wellness. Through hypnotherapy, I help clients overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, allowing them to tap into their inner strengths and find greater success and fulfillment. I'm passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, and sharing tools and wisdom that aided me along my journey.


I bring a great deal of life experience gathered throughout my personal and professional life. Because of dedication to helping others I have always pursued careers of meaningful service. My path has crossed many during my 8 years as a soldier in the United States Army and fifteen years as a Certified Medical Assistant. Hypnotherapy, has helped me to create the life I am worthy of and keeps me in tuned and aligned with my authentic desires. I have personally experienced profound growth and healing in my physical health, my mental clarity, my emotional intelligence, and my connection with Spirit. I am passionate about guiding my clients through transformational experiences that lead them to connect with their own inner wisdom and healing abilities.


I am grateful and honored to serve you as a Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach!

Gabrielle B.

"Raye is SO COOL! Like the coolest hypnotherapist ever. She is really open-minded and doesn't judge at all. I felt like I could really open up to her and not worry about her reaction. In fact, she seems to enjoy and welcome people who don't typically fit in with the societal standard."

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