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Changing Lives One Mind at a Time!

Additional Support

"The following individuals along with their products and services have added tremendously to my growth and wellness. If you are seeking addition support along your health journey , please take a moment to consider those that have helped me along mine."- Raye Carr

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I am Rondi Gooden. I developed my company after I came to the realization that many things help us to grow to be the best versions of ourselves. I tend to think that this includes the pets in our lives and we should take good care of them as they do us. Thus, I have developed an online ecommerce business that is geared to pet safety, health, and emotional stability called Sparky and Bear. We provide luxury pet supplies that are delivered to your doorstep. We can help pet to be the best versions of themselves to help you grow.

Rondi Gooden

I am Phoenix Gibbs and I have been on my very own spiritual journey for the last four years and have experienced enlightenment, wisdom, and guidance from my ancestors and spirit guides that have changed my life. I was able to wake up to myself and fall in love with myself emotionally, mentally, physically as well as spiritually. My spiritual journey was exceptionally painful and utterly uncomfortable however extremely beneficial and rewarding.

My mission is to assist those who are beginning their spiritual journey to find their way to their true selves by giving offering spiritual coaching, techniques, rituals, mantras, and guidance that I successfully implement daily.

Spiritual Coaching with Phoenix Gibbs

Phoenix Gibbs

I am Kasey Corbin, more affectionately known as Rev. Kasey, of Moving Mountains Motivation where I help people, who want to help themselves, help themselves. I have been serving people in the area of ministry for 25 years. For the last 11 of those 25, I chose Interfaith and non-traditional modalities as a way of life. As a Reiki Master, Prosperity Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Motivational Leader, I help those who want to tap into the unparalleled power of faith, without going to a church, do so. I help people who want to invest in their growth development, and unfoldment because I believe in the power of people.

Kasey Corbin
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