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Becoming fit has been one of my biggest accomplishments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a reward in itself. Hypnosis can affect permanent and positive changes in all the areas that affect your ability to lose weight and maintain healthy habits. Any level of fitness can benefit from training the mind to do more. " 

Fit-Therapy is a  program that designed to address all the various areas that affect health and wellness and ultimately the weight loss journey. 

In addition to two focused hypnosis sessions per month (4 week) Fit-Therapy includes, personal training sessions in the gym two times a week


Phase #1 of Fit-Therapy is about getting you active again. In a consultation we'll assess where you are in your journey and set positive goals for the future. The initial hypnosis session includes suggestions for general health along with motivation, energy, and empowerment. During Fit-Fit-Phase #1 there is also a focus on implementing small dietary changes and current eating habits are recorded.

Fit-Phase #2 of Fit-Therapy involves looking at and changing what the body craves and what it does not. This hypnosis session includes suggestions to let go of old cravings, to want healthier foods, and developing portion control. 

Fit-Phase #3 gives us a chance to look another important part of the weight-loss and health journey; emotions. This month we look at how emotions have been playing a part in or progress and affect positive changes on the feelings that motivate actions.

Fit-Phase 4 and beyond- Additional months of Fit-Therapy are available to continue the weight loss journey with Raye Carr.  "Various obstacles are encountered along the way and I remain committed to helping you to reach your goals, no matter what." ​



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