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You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Hypnotherapy Sessions

In a safe and private environment, we delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to achieve your goals. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and start working to overcome them. Below is a brief description of the types of hypnosis sessions and how they effect your goals. we do in hypnosis.

Click the link to schedule a 15-Minute Phone Introduction to have your questions answered.


If you already know hypnotherapy is your route to achieving your goals click here to purchase your package of sessions to begin your journey . All packages include an in-depth consultation and planning session.  

Getting Acquainted

Your Consultation

Readiness To Change

Hypnotic Conditioning

Training The Brain

Hypnotic Programming

Your consultation is an opportunity for us to connect and you to get comfortable in my space and my approach to helping you reach your goals. At the consultation we will discuss the goals you have or what you hope hypnotherapy will help you to achieve and what your challenges are to achieving these goals. You’ll also receive information about hypnotherapy and how and why it works and the types of sessions that will aid in your journey. We will create your unique plan and discuss the steps for moving forward.

Our initial session involves an in-depth consultation where you can have all your questions answered about hypnosis. Here we'll identify your reasons for seeking hypnotherapy and the goals that you can accomplish and use this information to create positive goals. We’ll discover the techniques that take you into a hypnotic trance and set the stage for the change by delivering suggestions to the subconscious mind that change is inevitable. We’ll make your first hypnotic recording for you to take this experience home and to continue to condition the mind towards positive change.

Your second hypnotherapy session involves using guided meditation to create the positive goal we’re working towards. We will once again achieve  the hypnotic state to teach you how to tap into favorable qualities like persistence, motivation, dedication and health. During hypnosis positive suggestions are delivered to affect positive change in your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.  We’ll make another recording for you to listen to regularly.

Resolve Inner Conflict

Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Finding the Root Cause

Childhood Regression

Spiritual Fitness

Past-Life Regression

This session involves identifying the parts of your mind that are still holding on to unwanted programming. Emotions play a major part in the behaviors that you have and the body sensations you experience. Our goal during this session is to motivate these emotional parts of yourself to adapt behaviors that move you towards your set goal. By motivating these parts to do a healthier behavior or feel pleasurable sensations  will create the perfect recipe for permanent change.

This is a Spirit lead session that involves identifying the and experiencing the past life that's most affecting this current life and your ability to be at peace. During this session we will experience a past life for clarity, then engage your Higher-self  to answer the questions that you've had about your life, the people in your life and the challenges you've had. 

In this session we identify limiting beliefs that influence emotions and behaviors. In hypnosis we will explore the memories of the event or events that caused limiting beliefs and re-frame those beliefs so that you reach any goal. We would explore the childhood memories that caused the limiting belief systems and grow your inner child  up with new and beneficial thoughts about yourself.

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