Mindset Minding Kits

Recharge and Refresh the Mind

Mindset Reset Program Session Recording.

Select one of 5 areas to see quick and lasting change in a 45 minute program session.
1. Sleep Better Now- Hypnosis is a great way to achieve the physical and mental relaxation for restful and rewarding sleep.
2. Improve Self Image- Hypnosis will help you change the way you see yourself, for the better.
3. Focus on Health-Hypnosis will help you identify those thoughts that stand in your way. 
4. Empower Myself- Hypnosis will help you take control of any aspect of your life as of today. 
5. Vacation Relaxation-Hypnosis will have you on vacation relaxation mode in no time.

Sessions are available as Group Programming Sessions groups of five (5) or more. Call Raye Carr to discuss scheduling this appointment.