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You Have the Power

Past Life Regression

Access past life memories through the power of the subconscious mind. These therapeutic sessions will answer various question about your present.

Session One

Getting Acquainted

Session Two

Past-Life Regression

This session involves identifying the parts of your mind that are still holding on to unwanted programming. Emotions play a major part in the behaviors that you have and the body sensations you experience. Our goal during this session is to motivate these emotional parts of yourself to adapt behaviors that move you towards your set goal. By motivating these parts to do a healthier behavior or feel pleasurable sensations  will create the perfect recipe for permanent change

This is a Spirit lead session that involves identifying the and experiencing the past life that's most affecting this current life and your ability to be at peace. During this session we will experience a past life for clarity, then engage your Higher-self  to answer the questions that you've had about your life, the people in your life and the challenges you've had. 

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