Let's See Who My Friends Are

Radio Talk Show

Host Raye Carr  (The Fit Hypnotist)  Co-Host GQ Smooth

"Radio became a quick and rewarding passion once I applied my formula for getting to know others. I'm so happy to use my gifts and abilities to give others a  platform to share themselves authentically." Raye Carr


Let's See Who My Friends Are" is a hit community talk radio show on WRUU,107.5 fm and airs every Friday night at 8 pm.  What's true is that each person I meet has an amazing and unique experience on this earth. Knowing about each other's unique experience, or story, is the essence of intimacy. This show is a chance to get to know the people in and around the community. What better way to do so than to have a open discussion with myself and co-host GQ Smooth. These chats are filled with laughter and great insight into who the guests are.  

Join us every Friday night at 8:00 pm (Frido'clock) on 107.5 FM if in the Savannah area our show also airs online at www.wruu.org. 

We also live stream on Facebook the entire show and behind the scenes