What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

September 25, 2017




Have you ever wondered about hypnosis? Maybe you are curious about the history of hypnotherapy, what it would be like to be in a trance, the different levels of hypnosis, and how hypnosis can be used to improve lives. Hands down one of the most common questions I am faced with is, “What does it feel like to be hypnotized?” Usually the question is posed because the asker has apprehensions about what to expect when being in a state of hypnosis, which means being placed in a trance.


Words like hypnosis, and trance may sound intimidating however as a hypnotherapist my ultimate goal for my clients is to guide them into this unmatched state of relaxation with for maximum results. While there are three or four levels of this relaxation process, a light trance is often enough to lift your spirits and boost your morale. Most of us are unaware of the fact that we all move into and out of hypnosis on a daily basis, often up to 10-12 times a day. Examples of a light trance of hypnosis  include being immersed in a favorite hobby or book, driving automatically after learning to use a stick-shift transmission, and drawing or other handwork. All of these activities require relaxation of the body and/or mind,  focused attention, less awareness of worries and concerns, and  more internal awareness of sensations. These are all parts of any trance.


When one gets into the deeper levels of  trance more of the imagination to work. Picturing yourself on a basketball court, physically feeling yourself playing basketball, and dreaming of participating in a professional game would be examples of a deeper level of trance. There have even been studies showing that the use of hypnosis can produce an improvement in sports performance.  Football, competitive shooting, gymnastics, baseball, golfing, and running in a marathon are all sports improved by the techniques of visualization and work done in hypnosis. World renowned athlete Tiger Woods is a great example of an athlete that utilized hypnosis to achieve outstanding success in the sport of golf.


Hypnosis Is Not New

In the 1800s, Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician known as the “Father of Hypnosis,” used Mesmerism and a trance-like state to treat his patients, with great results. It wasn’t until 1843 that the terms “hypnosis” and “hypnotism” were coined by James Braid, a Scottish surgeon working in Manchester, England. Braid found that some subjects could go into a trance if they fixated their eyes on a bright object like a silver watch. In more recent times, this trance-like state has been proven to be useful in many areas of the mind and behavioral work. Now hypnosis is widely recognized to help people stop smoking and drop lose some unwanted pounds. Other areas where hypnosis is useful include creating anesthesia, pain management, and relieving symptoms related to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraine headaches. In short, any issue created by the mind, or the mind effects, can be addressed and enhanced with hypnosis.


How Can You Use Hypnosis?

You are actively involved in hypnosis just after you wake up, so knowing this, you can begin to use this light trance state to change the course of your day. Instead of starting your day by saying to yourself, “Today will be bad!” you can easily program your mind by looking forward to something at the end of your day like. Remember that positive anticipation is a powerful motivator.


If you find yourself having difficulty in moving into that positive frame of mind, deeper trance work with a certified hypnotherapist will help you easily and quickly move past those blocks to happiness and enjoyment. Overcoming fears, pressures and programming yourself with a positive attitude are all within your reach. Setting that personal goal for achievement, whether it’s improving your daily mood or succeeding in quitting a bad habit, is a changing of your mind and changing your life through those inner thoughts. Set that positive mindset and enjoy what life has to offer!




A graduate of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, Raye Carr, CCHt is a member in good standing with the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapist (IAIH). She offers the complete range of hypnotherapy services at Raye Carr Hypnotherapy, located at 645 Indian Street (206), Savannah, Georgia. Raye and can be reached for any questions at (912)574-1543 or www.rayecarrhypnotherapy.com.




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